Friday, November 19, 2010

Today, I joined the "Y"

Yep, I now am a proud holder of a key card to the YMCA of Greater St. Louis. Nothing seems to come easy for me. It took me all week to get signed up.
The Institute (SLBMI) has this deal with the “Y” for participants in their “Psychology and Religion” program (that’d be me!): $25 initial fee, then $15 per month!  What a deal!
And while it’s good at the South Center Family YMCA near the Institute, they have a reciprocal agreement with the Carondelet Park "Y" – near the La Salette house.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That’s the big news: I broke the 330 barrier at 329 lbs!  I weighed in Monday morning with Martha. It had been one week since I restarted the program and in that week I lost 9.8 lbs. – again mostly with just the diet. Down from 362.7 (my all-time high!): a total loss so far of 33.7 lbs.  
I don’t think I told you that they never did put me on that severe medifast diet. That was mostly because of my diabetes.  So I’ve been on a “real world” diet. I think it’s healthier that way actually. It consists of three meals and three snacks. In any one day, I can have no more than 8 ozs. of lean meat; 5 servings of grains or starches; 4 of vegetables; 3 of dairy; 3 or fruit. The snacks are usually yogurt, an apple or popcorn. It’s working for me so far!
And it means I can go out on a Saturday night for a steak dinner and a martini – if I plan for it. Like last Saturday: Martini (1.5 grains),  Salad with diet dressing (1 Veggie);Steak 8 ozs. (down to 6 when cooked) (6 meats), broccoli (1 veggie), small dinner roll (1 grain). But I HAVE to plan for it – and record everything for Martha to review.
Like I say, it’s working so far! Keep me in your prayers, as you are in mine!

Monday, November 8, 2010

On the road again, again

At least I was on the road again. Of course, here in St. Louis I’m on a somewhat different road, again.
I left Sandpoint November 3rd after my post-angiogram checkup.  Arrived here in St. Louis on Saturday, November 6th.  It was the third time I’ve complete the long drive in the last two months – close to 1,900 miles.
My good friend Jack Walden was kind enough to accompany me to help drive. We saw a few sights along the way (Mt. Rushmore).
Famous Faces
You've heard Do Not Feed the Bears?

And here in the city Sunday we saw the truly magnificent Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis, all marble and mosaics; and later City Museum which is really cool, everything in it is recycled or found. Then it to the airport to see Jack on his way back home. Thanks so much, Jack!

Jack & St. Louis

Jack on the roof of City Museum