Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring in St. Louis – an end and a new beginning!

I finished my work at the Institute last Friday, April 1st followed by a Scriptural Prayer Service of Farewell on Monday, the fourth. It was a lot of hard work on my head, my heart and my body and I am grateful that I am finished.
My discharge weight was 290 lbs. for a total loss of 72.7 lbs. from my initial weight-in last September.  (Obviously I'm not finished, but it's a great start, right?)  I’m very happy about that.  I’ve always tried to be clear though, that my real goal was the improvement of my health and that’s precisely what I have accomplished over these past months.
Dr. Mary Fox, the Co-Medical Director of the Psychology and Religion Program of the St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute notes my weight loss and the resultant improvement in the control of my diabetes, my dramatically reduced cholesterol, and well-controlled blood pressure.  She puts it this way: “In summary, Fr. Dennis has achieved many of the goals set out for him at the onset of this program. I feel confident that he will continue to achieve even more with continued lifestyle changes. I have been honored to assist in his medical care.”
Thanks be to God I’ll be home for Palm Sunday and Holy Week!