Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home, Home at Last!

It was a long, long drive (some 2,100 miles the way I took). Pleasant weather, good roads, light traffic. Saw some sights: Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse Memorial. All in all, it was a good, safe trip.
Arrived in Sandpoint on Thursday, October 7, and have been resting and reading and doing some catch up – not too much parish work.  I say my prayers and Mass everyday, but I'm relying on my Parochial Vicar, Father John Gathungu, a very kind, and gentle priest from Kenya, Africa. I am very fortunate to have him here, as is the parish.
I had my appointment with my local cardiologist on Tuesday, October 12, and he concurred with the doctors in St. Louis that I should have an angiogram, to determine whatever blockage there may be in the heart. So the procedure is scheduled for Thursday, October 21, at Kootenai Memorial Hospital in Coeur d’Alene.  I have some time to prepare.
I also have a scheduled follow-up appointment on Tuesday, November 2 – which means I’ll be home at least through then.
Which also means – much to the relief of hundreds of Sandpoint children – there will be Halloween this year and that Halloween central will be open for business. Two years ago the rectory gave out a record: some 1200 candy bars – and the children who instead of saying, “Trick or Treat!” said, “Father Day Rocks!” got a large, full-sized candy bar. It’s amazing how rapidly word of such a thing spreads. A few however, came with quizzical looks, evidently not quite getting it: “Father’s Day rocks!” Close enough. They too got the larger bar.
In the meantime, I’ve lost 27.5 lbs. so far, plus I feel great, my blood sugar is wonderfully in control, the diet is satisfying, life is good, God is great!


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss!!
    It is good to see you are keeping up the good work you started in St. Louis while you are here in Sandpoint.

  2. God bless you Father, and thank you for posting this. I called the church to see were/how you were and was pleased to hear from Fr. John that you were in the rectory, resting. Please keep us informed. We love you and keep you in our prayers. Father Day rocks! (Now do we get a full size prayer?) Marty & Marilyn Carr

  3. What a wonderful blessing it was when to our surprise we saw your joyful smile at the Saturday evening Mass! We are blessed to have Fr. John and we enjoy his humor! Truth to be told for us "Misfits" nobody can replace you! You provide our family such inspiration. You may not know the effect you have had on our family, but our lives have forever been changed by you! Keep up the weight loss and mental relaxation. Our prayers, thoughts and love are with you everyday. We look forward to the good news the doctors will have to say after Thursday. You will be back in St. Louis before Turkey Day. Thank you again for your committment to improving your health so that we may be blessed by your presence for a long, long time. Until you are ready to return we promise to appreciate, enjoy, encourage and love Fr. John as we know you expect us to do! Love & prayers,

    The Misfits