Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lettuce rejoice...

I'm told the institute will put me on a Medifast Diet which will include 6 ozs. of meat and 3 cups of salad each and every day. (Plus the Medifast stuff.)

Three cups of salad, eh?  I wonder how much lettuce I can compress into one cup. Maybe I could get a whole head of lettuce into 3 cups. Think?


  1. The trick is to cut it very small and you should get close to 1 head of lettuce in 3 cups.
    You WILL be in my prayers

  2. You are cracking me up, already! You know I am praying for you, Father....this will all be worth it.

    Diane S.

  3. Just Like Mongolian Grill where you try to jam as much stuff into the smallest bowl you can get! I say YES YOU CAN!

  4. If you grind your Lettuce you can get 5 cups in one...what a deal!

  5. Padre,
    Food is only necessary for fuel. Just think how nice it will be to eat to live rather than live to eat.
    Waiting for a hardline #

  6. Waiting for todays would think that being in Italy would lend to rest and relaxation. However when one of your closest friends is looking at open-heart surgery it is a disadvantage to be so far from home.

    Omodt prayers are pushing for you today. Hang in there.