Wednesday, September 1, 2010

. . . in it.

I'm in the middle of it for sure. A bazillion detail to take care of before I can leave. I know I won't get all of them done. I just hope I'll get the essential ones finished.

  • Yesterday, I went for tests at the hospital and the doctor's office. I guess the program wants to make sure I healthy enough to lose weight.
  • I talked to the Most Reverend Bishop about my replacement as Dean of the Northern Deanery at least temporarily. (Congratulations Father Roger LaChance!)
  • I finished my painting for the Pend Oreille Arts Council and delivered it their offices as promised. (Part of a gala fundraiser Sept. 11.) (Oh, you didn't know I was an artist? It isn't that good, but it was fun.) Thanks to Joni Dirks for the lessons and the supplies.
  • Paula Hodgin is helping me pack. (What do you pack for a 6 month journey, at the end of which none of the clothes should fit, except perhaps the socks!)
  • I got my brand new computer to work, with the extraordinary help of Bob Hawn. (Thank you, Bob.)
  • And then the usual round of visits and phone calls...

And to top it off, one last fling at Trivia Night at MickDuff's with wonderful friends!  (We came in second sadly)

P.S. I've been getting harrassing emails to the effect: "Okay, if you're going to become a blogger (and yes, I have visited your blogspot already ...), you're going to have to spend more time posting to it!"

Just what I need, more stress!

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