Thursday, September 30, 2010

Going Home

After speaking with my Institute doctor, I've decided to go home for my angiogram.

She told me that, if during the procedure, they discoves that there are significant blockages in/around the heart, they probably wouldn't let me leave the hospital: they'd do the bypass sugery right there. She doesn't expect it to be the outcome, but said it's best to be prepared for the more serious consequences. And that if it were her, she'd want family and friends to be there.

Also I figure the good La Salette Fathers and Brothers couldn't really handle an invalid priest on the third floor.

So I've decided to pack up and go home next week. It could be for a week or two or a month or two depending on what happens.

The folks at the institute say they'd welcome me back for open arms.

The folks at the diocese say they understand and that I need to do it.

In the meantime, I'll keep on my diet and hope to make progress as best I can.

Gosh, that's a long drive...


  1. Will be praying for your safety on the trip back and that the angiogram goes well when you get back to home base. Keep us updated!!!

  2. Hey Father, Luke Ottle Here. Thinking of you and praying for you! Hope everything goes well!
    Love from All the Ottles in Elko!!!

  3. Good Greif!! If it isn't one thing it's another! As sorry as I am that you aren't at this moment healthy enough to stay ~ I must say we'll be rejoicing to see your smiling face! And will be praying that the angiogram shows a heart healthy enough to get in the car and head right back!! Zechariah 4:6

  4. Out of past experiences, the drive home is always faster then the drive away and lets face it now that you know what to expect, the drive back should be easier too, not that I want to get rid of you before you even hit Sandpoint.
    Let’s face it, God works in mysteries ways, Timing is on your side, everything here is set, so no added stress.
    And no Filet, Ribs, or Martini’s on your way back, choose the healthy stuff, keep the loosing up and really surprise, if not even shock everyone.
    And naturally, you are in my prayers.

  5. Going home isnt all bad, you will be surrounded by those you love.
    Stretch every 2 hours on the trip oil 1000mg/day.
    Keep blogging, you can do it even if you have surgery...look at this as a life saving journey.
    Last comment, if your going to suffer offer it up..dont waste it.
    You use to say this to Patty T. all the time.

  6. Now's the time for that Serenity Prayer.....change what you can, accept what you can't, pray for the wisdom to know the difference.
    It gets us through a lot of unexpected changes. Good advice from that doc, going home is wise. You are on the top of everyone's prayer list. Safe journey. Anne and Bill

  7. Drive safe, we will be happy to see your smiling face, but I pray for good reports from the angiogram so that you can head back down and continue the good work you have started.