Saturday, September 11, 2010

Arrival at last.

Ok, ok, I have some catching up to do I know.  So here's a start:

It’s been an eventful week.

My drive was long, but it went very well. I spent three nights on the road: Missoula, Rapid City, and St. Joseph, Missouri. I stayed with my friend Father Jorge Ramirez at his rectory at St. Patrick’s Parish in St. Joseph. It was too-short a visit! He did manage to take me out for St. Louis-style BBQ ribs – a kind of a last supper, I suppose! I enjoyed it very much! Thank you Father Jorge!

Father Jorge is a priest of the Boise Diocese, helping in the Kansas City Diocese. He seems happy and busy.

I arrived at my new residence, the LaSalette Mission Center in St. Louis about 3:30 PM Wednesday, September 8th, the birthday of the Blessed Mother. It seems auspicious.

Odometer: 1,876.8 miles. 28:44 hours. 26.1 average MPG.

Father Dennis Meyer, M.S., in charge of the house, greeted me and gave me the tour. It’s a pleasant place with nice grounds, three floors, south of downtown, on bluffs overlooking the Mississippi. Laundry, shop, storage, meeting rooms are in the basement; chapel, kitchen, refectory, guest rooms, offices on the first floor; residential rooms on the second.

I wanted to figure out where exactly I had to be the following morning so after unloading the car, I punched the address of the institute into my Subaru’s navigation system to get a preview. What a great invention!

The Institute is located next to St. Louis Community College. It’s about 7 ½ miles from my residence. I travel on 2 freeways and through a semi-industrial area. It only takes about 10 or 15 minutes.

More later!


  1. A treat to see your update after Mass tonight! Fr Fraser was very friendly and gave a great homily. No stress! Post when you can, we know you will be busy. We'll be thinking of you and missing you.

  2. Jim has Family in St Joseph. Glad to see you post. An I agree, No stress, post when you can. I am super bad about it on my Blog, super, super, bad ;-).

  3. Glad to see you made it. Thanks for updating your blog. I was beginning to wonder if you got lost. Best wishes for success. Enjoy St. Louis, but hurry back.