Friday, September 24, 2010

Honestly,doctor, I feel fine.

So today I survived and they didn't cart me off on a gurney. The technicians and nurses won't (or can't) tell you what it looks like, so I have to wait for the doctor on Monday. Ahh... the virtue of patience for the patient.

With the use of a radioactive dye (that "lights up" the heart and other organs), they take a 3-D picture of the heart before the treadmill and another following. They used what they call a Gamma Camera.

Thanks again for those prayers and the notes and comments of encouragement!

I'll also weigh-in again on Monday!


  1. Fr. Day: You are in our prayers and we love you very much. God bless you. Marty & Marilyn Carr

  2. Fr. Dennis:

    I hope that everything looks OK on Monday. I have the same test every six months with my latest slated for this Monday. I usually fall asleep when I am in the camera.

    Congratulations on the weight lost so far. Keep up the great work.

    Maxine and I will keep you in our prayers.

    Joe Ruhl

  3. You hang in there buddy, we are counting on your health. you still have a lot of work to do.

    I see you are preaching from facebook...keep it up. We did visit the monastery Madonna della Corona, have many pictures to share. Prayed for good weather , it was a miracle. Maybe God will provide the same miracle for your heart!

    Fred and Patty in Italy

  4. We knew you'd survive the test! We will all be awaiting the results. Will be praying to pass the time. Did I mention we miss seeing your smile? Something special is certainly missing from church. Continue to focus on healing your spirit from the years of stress and the body will follow. Enjoy your Sunday, God will take care of the results on Monday. Hey, how about some football? Carrots & celery for snack! The "Misfits" ate baked fish with "crunchy treetops" (broccoli) for dinner last night in honor of your healthy quest. Keep up the good work. We want you home!