Friday, September 17, 2010

Feedback pending.

(Have been unable to connect to the internet the last couple of days. Service now seems to be restored.)

The Institute (St. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute) has put me through the paces, a series of assessments to determine what I should be doing next.  It culminates this Friday at noon, when I meet with the treatment team. I expect them to outline my program.
So how did all this begin?
Thursday, September 9th:
                Nutrition Assessment.
                Medical Assessment.
                Psychiatric Assessment.
(The psychiatrist asked me, ‘Have you ever met with a psychiatrist before?” I said, “Are you crazy?”)
Monday, September 13th:
                 Psychological Assessment, Part I
                Spiritual Assessment
Tuesday, September 14th:
                Psychological Assessment, Part II
                Individual Testing
Wednesday, September 15th:
                Psychological Assessment, Part III
So the point I’m getting is that my weight problem has more to do with what’s inside my head than with what’s inside my body. It should be interesting!
My attitude in all this is that the Lord has made it my full-time job for now is to work on my health issues—even if that mean adjusting my attitude, as painful and humbling as that may be.

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  1. OUCH!!!! Sounds like your present job may be the most difficult job you've ever taken on!! You have our prayers! Tonnie