Monday, September 6, 2010


Tonight in Rapid City, South Dakota.
Watching the BSU game at the Super 8. BSU wins! Praise God!
From Sandpoint: Odometer: 900 miles. Time: 13.5 hours. Half way point.
A steak & a martini for dinner. Was heavenly (not many more of those in my future, likely.)
Was a good day, Thanks be to God!


  1. Thanks for the update! Looked at USA map...
    My but that's a long drive! You are making good time! I also used to enjoy a 700 mile drive to visit my parents in Ashland ORE. Always enjoyed the peace and quiet and the beautiful, changing scenery. Best Wishes!

  2. I know I don't need to write it, but being the PIP that I am, here goes....this is going to be just as much a spiritual journey, as it will be getting a new outer appearance. Some of my best Lent times have been when I attached the fasting as a prayer....the more hungry I was, the more God heard my petitions, but what was even better...the more I "heard" Him.......I am a snacking type....always some little morsel in the Lent, and at other times when I have something big to pray for, God is outdone in His generosity, in touching my heart and mind, as I am giving up the cookie, the chips, etc.
    Yes for BSU!!!!!!!!! Another last minute victory!!!!!!!!!!

    Diane S.

  3. Not that it means anything......BUT when I divide 13.5 hours into 900 miles I get 66.6; I would have gone for the martini myself after that. Congrats on a safe day one....I know there will be many more. Sturgis was a bit quiet this time of year, no?

  4. Glad to know the journey thus far has been safe. We will all continue to pray for your safety and trust the Lord to help you achieve your goals in speedy time! Hurry home some "misfits" need you! LOL

  5. You can do it! All of us are sending our encouragement and prayers your way. Anne & Bill Tighe