Thursday, September 23, 2010

Judgment Day

I have my stress test tomorrow.

I told them I have enough stress in my life as it is, why do I need to induce more of it!

My schedule at the Institute has been canceled. I'm to report to the heart clinic at 10:45 AM for registration; the test begins at 11:15. It's the heart monitor, the tread mill (to exhaustion!), then they insert a dye and take pictures of the heart. (I'll know more after the procedure.)

Then decisions need to be made.
  • If everything is clear and clean, I'm cleared for a rigorous exercise regime.
  • If there's blockage, I may need angioplasty.
  • If the blockage is more than 60%, I may need bypass surgery.
The later causes me some anxiety. (In fact, each of the options carries its own set of anxieties, some worse than others.)

One of the priests (Father Bill) in the program administered the Sacrament of the Sick to me. A priest is anointed on the backs of the hands, having already been anointed on the palms at ordination. The sacrament makes me feel better about the stress test, knowing that I'm prepared spiritually.

We are all of us, after all is said and done, in God's hands. It is better when we acknowledge that He is the potter; we, the clay. Then we can let Him do His work in us without too much resistence.

God bless you. Pray for me.


  1. I love what you write about being in God's is true...the more we fight His Will, the more miserable we become and vise versa.
    I love your wit and sense of humor....back in the old St. Matthew's days, so many loved your sermons and you for your sometimes subtle and sometimes more obvious, wonderful way of putting things with a smattering of humor.
    I will pray that the heart tests all go well and that your task will be the intensive exercise program. If option 2 or 3 is the outcome, we ratchet up the prayers and you will be fine and in the end, healthier than you have been in quite awhile.
    St. Paul let us know about getting is not for the faint of heart....much humility is the order of the day!

    diane S.

  2. Wow, wow, and wow. The stress test is nothing to stress about, I had that done a few years ago, with the results: out of shape so lets hope that is also your case.
    If 1 of the last 2 possibilities are the problem then, like d.s. stated “we ratchet up the prayers and you will be fine and in the end, healthier than you have been in quite awhile.”
    Still praying for you. Our lift retreat starts tomorrow and you will be on our mind and in our prayers.
    God Bless

  3. Amen to the excellent comments above. Many are keeping you in their prayers (but don't now how to comment! Write a comment and it will then prompt you to up an ID. You can keep it very private.) We have 30 women signed up for the overnights and 13 for the day sessions at the LIFT retreat so Paula is cooking for a crowd at the Sat banquet! Lots of rain, rain now. The forecast is sunny Sat! Sr Rebecca is accompanying Sr Beverly this year. You are in their prayers as well and they send their love as do I.

  4. Well I hope that door #1 is presented to you at the end of the stress test. If it is door #2 or #3 is opened, then look at it at another challenge, another hurdle to overcome. Many prayers for your success in your endeavor and safe return to Sandpoint.

  5. This is from your sis, let me know asap how your
    test went. Hope all went well and your in for the
    exercise program. 13 pounds is awesome!!!!!!