Saturday, September 18, 2010

OK, I'm in!

Yes, I’ve been accepted into the institute’s program. I begin in earnest on Monday. (My purgatory?)
The “Treatment Team” met with me yesterday to provide feedback and outline “our” goals.  They consider me a good candidate for the program.  The team consisted of two psychologists and a sister-spiritual director.  (The dietician was unable to attend.) The last half of the meeting included the Bishop and Msgr. da Silva, who were quite supportive.
Bishop and Monsignor told me to take as much time as it takes to achieve my goals.
It really is a matter of attitude and new habits.
One of the keys is self-monitoring, that is, keeping close track of the amount of food and liquid consumed daily – which I’ve been doing religiously since I’ve arrived on September 9th.  A second element in the program is the various group work –  to adjust  that attitude factor. Then the third leg is to increase the activity level – that means getting to the gym daily. That will be a challenge, but I think I’m up for it. (There’s a new Y a couple of exits down the freeway from here.) I mean what else do I have to do, right?
Want the numbers?  Here ya’ go: Weight on September 9th: 362.7 lbs. Body Mass Index 48. Obesity category III.
I get weighed again on Monday. I’ve been dieting for 10 days now, so I expect to see some improvement!  Stay tuned.
PS Thanks for all the cards, letter and emails of support, love and prayer.  I find them highly encouraging. Keep me in your prayers!

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