Friday, November 19, 2010

Today, I joined the "Y"

Yep, I now am a proud holder of a key card to the YMCA of Greater St. Louis. Nothing seems to come easy for me. It took me all week to get signed up.
The Institute (SLBMI) has this deal with the “Y” for participants in their “Psychology and Religion” program (that’d be me!): $25 initial fee, then $15 per month!  What a deal!
And while it’s good at the South Center Family YMCA near the Institute, they have a reciprocal agreement with the Carondelet Park "Y" – near the La Salette house.


  1. Father Day: We are so glad to read your blog. We hope that you enjoy your steak and martini this evening. When you come back we'll give you a bottle of Tanquery! We love you and know that you will do very well in the program. As you exercise, offer it up to the Lord. God bless you. We love you. Marty & Marilyn

  2. Congratulations. I loved the Y when I was a child. I only remember eve swimming there, but it was fun.

  3. Talked with Fr. John and sent him your blog address. He's very pumped about your status. Have a happy Thanksgiving and thank God you won't be feasting in Medifast. I did that diet and got busted with gallbladder attack by eating pizza whilst on it. God bless you. Love to you. Marilyn & Marty

  4. Hey, Padre!
    Glad you are doing well, and you are void of a huge storm in the Great Noth West!
    I notice the advice someone gave you to 'offer it up.' As kids, when the good Benedictine Sisters told us that, we knew it would be a doozie! Would Father Ignatius use the word 'doozie?'

  5. We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Father John joined us at our feast and a good time was had by all. Keep up your good work on the diet.
    Ed and Paula