Wednesday, November 17, 2010


That’s the big news: I broke the 330 barrier at 329 lbs!  I weighed in Monday morning with Martha. It had been one week since I restarted the program and in that week I lost 9.8 lbs. – again mostly with just the diet. Down from 362.7 (my all-time high!): a total loss so far of 33.7 lbs.  
I don’t think I told you that they never did put me on that severe medifast diet. That was mostly because of my diabetes.  So I’ve been on a “real world” diet. I think it’s healthier that way actually. It consists of three meals and three snacks. In any one day, I can have no more than 8 ozs. of lean meat; 5 servings of grains or starches; 4 of vegetables; 3 of dairy; 3 or fruit. The snacks are usually yogurt, an apple or popcorn. It’s working for me so far!
And it means I can go out on a Saturday night for a steak dinner and a martini – if I plan for it. Like last Saturday: Martini (1.5 grains),  Salad with diet dressing (1 Veggie);Steak 8 ozs. (down to 6 when cooked) (6 meats), broccoli (1 veggie), small dinner roll (1 grain). But I HAVE to plan for it – and record everything for Martha to review.
Like I say, it’s working so far! Keep me in your prayers, as you are in mine!


  1. That's the key, Father. Keep it real. That's one of the million things I've learned. I am 110 pounds and 2 1/2 years of food sobriety. I feel free but that's one of the reasons. It's real life. I have learned that there are times and occasions for things. Not every food was meant to be eaten every day. So a lot of days when I'm eating salad and fish or chicken I know that that is OK because maybe this weekend I will be having something really yummy. And those yummy things are even more yummy just because I appreciate them more. I have learned to have a healthy respect for food- I no longer abuse it and so it doesn't abuse me back. Great job on what you've been doing and please when you come to Boise, I would love to chat fat LOL with you. My love, Yvonne

  2. Great job Padre! I'm so pleased this is working. The kids miss you, so keep up the good work and hurry back.