Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sadly Something of a Setback

I weighed in Monday with high hopes.  My goal was to have broken the 320 lb. barrier. Instead, I hit the scales at 322.2 lbs. That's down only .2 of a pound for the entire week. (For a total loss of 40.5 lbs.) I was disappointed and frustrated to say the least.
I felt that I kept to my diet something like 98%. Plus, I’d hit the gym four times that previous week and increased the time spent on the exercise machines by more than 20% per day. I was confident that I had reached that 320 lb. goal.
Martha, my dietician, urged me not to be too disappointed.  She said she's seen this before, that something’s going on in my body, that it feels like it’s being starved and is rebelling by trying to hold on to its fat.  She believes that I will make significant progress by next weigh-in next Monday.
I hope she’s right.
She also pointed out that at least I did not gain weight and that a loss is a loss, that I’m getting in the exercise component and now’s not the time to slack off.  Others have echoed her.
More later…


  1. Listen to your dietician. A loss is a loss, so while your loss rate may have slowed this week it has not stopped or reversed. The girls and I are praying for your success. We are confident that you will come back slimmer and healthier and look forward to that day.

  2. I can only second what Ma wrote, keep it up, are you drinking your water? More water then Pop? That has always been my week point Pop… even Diet Pop is not as good as water on the rocks.
    We all Love you and pray for your continues success. And what setback? you are still down, so only positive thinking!!!

  3. Hebrews 11:1 It's not a mistake that you're there!! I'm confident that you will succeed ~ this is just one of those Hebrews 11:1 moments!!

  4. Dear Fr. Dennis,

    Reading your entry this week, i can say that i (and 95% of my weight management meeting friends) can relate. I have been battling the bulge for 8 years now, and like you have become very disappointed in the progress i've made. However i am coming around and learning it's not just about changing what you stuff in that hole in your head, or how many laps you do, but also how you view your successes.

    Not only is what your dietician said about celebrating a weight loss, no matter the size, true, i would also like to submit to you the value of appreciating and celebrating the behaviours you currently exhibit that you did not before this process. Visiting a gym four times in one week? Success! Something i'm guessing is a huge behavioural change since enrolling in your program. And working out for longer periods of time? Gold star!

    Behaviour modification when it comes to menu planning and refueling? Now, i don't know about what you'd say, however too much lettuce, baked chicken, and whole grain isn't what helped me pack on the pounds. Staying on track with your meals is fundamental--and you succeeded at that last week! Hallelujah!

    In short, while it can be exasperating not to see the results on the scale after all of your efforts, please take the time that would be wasted wallowing in fruitless frustration to celebrate those victories you've achieved this week that have nothing to do with standing on a blasted little contraption that can't give you any kudos for your dedication and sweat equity.

    Keep up the good fight! Looking forward to see "less of you" the next time we are in Sandpoint!

    Jennifer Mactutis

  5. Father: Muscle weighs more than fat. Maybe those days in the gym are building up some muscle. Don't be discouraged. I've probably lost 400 pounds during my lifetime. Unfortunately I re-gained 350 of them!
    God bless you.
    Marilyn & Marty

  6. Father- Same thing happened to me. But you know that you are gaining muscle (seriously) So what seems like a puny weight loss is really losing some fat but gaining some muscle and so it all balances out- you'll see that you'll still be getting smaller even when the scale doesn't show it. This past summer I lost about 5 pounds but when I got back to seeing people that I hadn't seen over the summer they couldn't get over "how much I had lost"- but technically I hadn't lost much but everything was reconfiguring and I gained a lot of muscle that formerly been....lard! So please don't be discouraged!! You are doing great. Also, EXPECT that your weight loss is going to slow way down- it just will. That's OK. Just concentrate on the idea that you are changing your lifestyle- the rest will happen as it will.
    You are already a new and improved you!
    Yvonne (110 pounds and 6 sizes)

  7. PS- I couldn't agree more with "work in Progress", Jennifer Mactutis. She is right on- each thing that you see as a 'failure' turn it around and look at it in a different way. I have had to learn when I have failed over this past three years to say to myself, "What did I learn from this?" Turn each stumble or perceived failure as a learning moment for your self. For me personally, just that has helped me to change my attitude about so many other things- to look at 'bads' as having the potential to bud sprouts. :)It's all in the way you look at things! YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!!!

  8. So good to hear your voice today! I see I am behind on your posts for this month, but happy to read about all of your success. I agree, one week's total should not discourage you - what is important is the entire journey. I want the details about planning for a guilt-free martini. After all, it is the holidays and sipping one is a shared family tradition.