Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Way of Lights

Last evening I visited the famous National Shrine of Our Lady of Snows just across the river in Bellville, Illinois and the famous “Way of Lights.”

The Way of Lights started as a way to keep the grounds maintenance staff busy (and employed) during their slow time in the late fall.  It consists of Christmas-themed light displays along a mile and a half drive with some 1.7 million lights. There were large crowds – some in buses and vans.
I went with Fr. John H. from Iowa, who also lives here at the La Salette’s residence with me. We had dinner at the shrine’s impressive restaurant (Salad with low fat dressing, (6 oz. cooked) strip steak, green beans, red wine).
At the gift shop, I purchased a beautiful three-paneled icon of the Nativity of the Lord so I’ll have some small seasonal decoration in my room.
Icon of the Nativity & USB LED Christmas Tree

Had a wonderful evening!


  1. Oh Father how we do miss you! We are glad to hear that you are conquering your challegens one at a time. There will soon be a day when you look at all the yester years with disbelief that they ever exsited. Keep up the good work and the rewards big & little will continue to flow. Please know while you are away that your family is constantly praying for you. While leaving behind the stress is necessary it also means leaving behind all the love, joy & happiness that goes along with it. Do live each day to the fullest and we look foward to more daily updates. It keeps us from missing you too much. With love from the "Misfits"

  2. I love the icon and the Way of Lights web site has a cool game on it. You have to get all the lights and wires connected. Have you tried it?