Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I know, I know. . .

It’s been a while and I’ve heard from a number of my gentle readers that they are anxious to hear from me and learn of my progress, so here you go:
First, the numbers.
When I checked in with Martha a week ago Monday, I weighed in at 310. Then this past Monday, it was 309. That’s more of a plateau than I’d ever want.  So I’m not happy about that; but there were some other numbers: my total cholesterol is down from 218 to 95 and the bad cholesterol went from 125 to 15!  My overall health appears to have improved:  my blood pressure (110 over 70), my blood sugars (mornings 118!)  Dr. Fox seemed very pleased.  I’m very pleased.  Now if I could just loose the pounds.
Secondly, St. Louis is currently under a blizzard warning.  There’s a layer of ice under the layers of snow and high winds are predicted.  The Institute (where I attend sessions) was closed today and will be closed tomorrow as well – first time ever according to some of the staff.  Plus I got word that the YMCA was closed so I couldn't attend my usual Y Weight Challenge class this evening!  I couldn’t get my gym time in! 
Isn't God good!


  1. So glad that all is well, Yes I been checking every day for updates, so no news was good news.
    what great news about your Health check numbers.

  2. Hooray! Good numbers mean more than rapid weight loss. Keep on trying. When we saw St.Louis on the news we figured you weren't zipping out to any exercise places. Enjoy the break and perhaps you will see a bigger loss next week. Anne& Bill

  3. We are all rooting for you. Fred should surely be impressed with your labs.
    Italy is wonderful however it is not home. Missing kids and grandkids and friends like my priest. Hope our paths cross this year, maybe we wont recognize you.

  4. Plateau? You've lost each week - maybe a plateau to you - but you've lost each week - you haven't stayed the same weight and you haven't gained - you've lost..... duh!!

  5. Lower blood sugar and cholesterol means your body will have to start grabbing fat to keep the metabolic fire going...all good. That feeling of being slightly 'hungry' is actually a good one. Your mind will be sharper, you'll feel less 'sleepy' in the afternoon, and you'll enjoy real food more when you eat. It's all good.

  6. Hey Padre!!!
    SO glad to hear that you are doing well and that numbers are dropping. Even if it isn't the ones you hopped for, the others are important too!!
    Keep it up.