Thursday, February 24, 2011

So yesterday I met with Dr. Mary Fox, my physician at BMI (the Institute). (She’s great by the way!) And she was most pleased with my progress -- and I do mean pleased!
I am indeed getting healthy. For instance, my blood pressure was 118 over 60. (I asked her if I could start eating salt – she just laughed.) My good cholesterol has bumped up from 37 (below normal range) to 41 (within range). My A1c has gone down to 6.8 – we were aiming to get it under 7. Etc., etc.
But the thing that really brought a smile to my face, was to step on her scales and have her say, “It looks like 300 to me.”


  1. Such good news! Congratulations Father!
    Looking forward to your return in good health.

  2. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a day of thanksgiving and rejoicing!

    Diane S.

  3. What a wonderful thing to hear from your doc! Great news! Marty and I are both happy that our prayers for you are heard.
    Cold here. Stay there 'til it warms up a bit.
    Marilyn & Marty

  4. Awesome news. Keep it up and off!!!

  5. We are so excited for your new found health! You have proven such dedication. Thank you! We look forward to having you return when you are ready!

    The Misfits