Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Tale of the Scale

I weighed-in with Martha on Monday: 304.1. Weighed-in with the “Y” on Tuesday: 302. I weigh-in with the doctor today. I won’t claim an accomplished 60 lb. weight loss unless and until it’s confirmed by Martha. But I’m close. (I wonder, do I sound obsessed about weight?)
My goal in this program has always been clear: To improve my health in a reasonable and sustainable manner. It is as Bill B., one of my colleagues in the weight management program, says, “a lifestyle change.” And it is the things I’ve learned here and put into effect in my life that will, I am confident, make all the difference. One of the critical factors of good health is diet; another is exercise.
I keep a detailed food log, which I’ve learned is an important key to successful weight loss (and to successful weight maintenance by the way!) And a review of the food log shows why I haven’t made more progress – I exceed my quota of meat servings on one day, and my quota of grain/starch servings on another.  Sometimes it’s because I mistake my daily count or encounter a complex dish, but mostly it’s because I give myself permission to exceed my quotas. It may be an evening out or a celebration or just because. And one of the other things I’ve learned is that all those little things that really add up.
On the other hand, the weight is going slowly but surely. I’m hitting the gym four times per week. My blood sugar’s under control. I feel great. I’m saying my prayers. And I’m managing to keep my sense of humor. I can’t wait to get home.
You'll see, it’ll be worth the weight.


  1. Jesus said...if you can be faithful to Me in little things.....there is the crux of the matter. Often, I will make a resolution to have no sugar or cream in my coffee all week and save that pleasure for Sunday.....oh, the million and one excuses that creep into my mind, that today it is okay to "indulge" is a feast day or a rainy, dull day...or gee, what other extravagances do I have in my life????? Rationalize, Diane....yet....when I do accomplish all week with no "cheating", I see results all over the place in my life, that are very positive!
    Still praying for you every day!

    Diane S.

  2. inch by inch, pound by pound, attitude by attitude... love your graphics and glad you're still laughing! you're in our prayers!

  3. 60 pounds is great progress - congratulations! Your approach of a "reasonable and sustainable manner" is so healthy and productive. I see many who have aggressive early plans, but they are built on a house of cards and, unfortunately, don't provide the long-term health they seek. You are going about this the right way, and I'm confident your results will stay with you. So happy for you.