Monday, February 14, 2011

Martha is pleased.

Martha’s my dietician.  I weigh-in with her every Monday. Today, I was down to 304.3. (Lord, doesn’t it seem to take forever!) Down just about 3 lbs. for the week and overall some 58.4 lbs. Martha was pleased. And I’m at least satisfied.
The weekend was beautiful here in St. Louis. When I left the “Y” early Sunday afternoon, the thermometer in my Subaru read 65° -- and the snow disappeared very rapidly.  It felt to me as though this weather finally broke the back of winter.
Did I mention I can see the Mississippi out the back door of the La Salette house.  The house is actually on an 11 story bluff overlooking the river – so it provides spectacular and fascinating views in all seasons.
At this point the river moves along at 15 knots per hour. The tug and barge traffic moving upstream and downstream is pretty impressive – as is the ice flow on the water. The Illinois side of the river here serves as a flood plain and so is not built up.

I’ve started reading Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn after the Lord only knows how many years – I figured this to be an ideal place and time to do it. And I hope to follow my reading by a trip upstream to a town called Hannibal come the spring.


  1. Great Job.
    slow and steady is the way to go.

  2. Cool pictures, thanks for sharing them.
    Congratulations on your continued progress.

  3. Progressing nicely, Father. Your view is great! When we left Mass Saturday night, it was 52 degrees and very windy. Spring will, eventually, arrive. Reading Huck Finn in Hannibal sounds idyllic.

  4. I was born across that river! My parents and grandparents were married on your side of the Mississippi. Small world! WAHOO! on your weight loss! Progress, Progress.... remember if you loose to fast you'll have all that loose skin to tuck in ~ slow lets the skin catch up :^D

  5. After 63 years of life, I finally have read a little Mark Twain....the book he called the best book he wrote...."Joan of Arc".(Pope John Paul I favorite book). It is so fabulous and no wonder his books are classics. He writing is wonderful!!!
    Also wonderful is your continued weight loss. Slow is will stay off!

    Diane S.